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Favourite Foods from the Pureed Diet Phase

As I prepared for surgery I did a lot of research on different foods I can eat during the liquid, pureed and soft diet phases of the post bariatric surgery recovery. Pinterest had a few ideas that were helpful and this cook book is extremely informative: The Complete Bariatric Cookbook and Meal Plan. If you are new to cooking for yourself and struggle with … Read More Favourite Foods from the Pureed Diet Phase

Mental Health, Food and Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery is on your stomach not your Brain – This is a phrase that you will hear often when preparing for Bariatric Surgery. There is a reason you need to see a full interdisciplinary team of health professionals before being approved to go ahead and have this life changing procedure. You need to have a plan for how you’re going to eat high protein, … Read More Mental Health, Food and Weight Loss Surgery

Dreaming of Mexico

The last calendar year has been a strange one to say the very least. Before the COVID-19 pandemic affected international travel I would get on a flight at least twice a year if not more. I still have a long to do list of places to visit – waiting for the day it is safe to do so again. In the meantime I would … Read More Dreaming of Mexico

Is Food a Moral Compass?

Is food good or bad? Does what we eat provide us with a moral compass on how to view ourselves? Is a french fry and a baked potato not the same thing at the end of the day – a potato? Then why have I have had extreme feelings of guilt and worthlessness after eating the french fry versus feeling healthy, and successful after … Read More Is Food a Moral Compass?