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To all the Diets I’ve Tried Before

As I adjust to my new lifestyle post bariatric surgery I find myself also settling into a new way of looking at the food I eat. As mentioned in a previous post, dieting and tracking calories, protein, sugar etc. all used to have a very negative connotation for me. Now – in the post op bariatric life I rely on reading nutrition labels and … Read More To all the Diets I’ve Tried Before

First Month Post Op Struggles

I’ve been struggling this weekend to find the creativity and motivation to write about some vulnerable topics like family support and stigma around surgery. I really want to do these topics justice and my head is not in the game. Instead this weekend I’ve been feeling a lot of the frustrations and post op struggles boiling to the surface. So I thought – hey- … Read More First Month Post Op Struggles

Mental Health, Food and Weight Loss Surgery

Surgery is on your stomach not your Brain – This is a phrase that you will hear often when preparing for Bariatric Surgery. There is a reason you need to see a full interdisciplinary team of health professionals before being approved to go ahead and have this life changing procedure. You need to have a plan for how you’re going to eat high protein, … Read More Mental Health, Food and Weight Loss Surgery

Hunger Hormones & Bariatric Surgery

How does bariatric or bypass surgery change your body to help you lose weight? Is it just a smaller stomach so you eat less? In short the answer is hunger hormones! I’ve been looking forward to writing this post, and I am very excited to share some knowledge about the hormones in our bodies that affect our appetite. Before I started my own journey … Read More Hunger Hormones & Bariatric Surgery

From Referral to Surgery

I wanted to stay on the same theme from yesterday’s post and talk a little about the process of getting approved for surgery (in Ontario) from your first referral to the date of surgery. For me – it was a 1.5 year long process but there were definitely delays due to COIVD-19 outbreaks. Orientation Class I was initially referred to the bariatric surgery program … Read More From Referral to Surgery

Choosing Bariatric Surgery

I realized – I was no longer afraid to die having the surgery – I was afraid to not be able to live my best life without it.