There are at least 3 saved drafts of blog posts dating back to June of 2021. I know the last year has been extremely difficult for most people in this world and I too have had my share of ups and downs. Looking back, I really only see the ups which is an important step in my personal growth journey.

So many changes have occurred since I’ve last posted here. I had very good intentions of keeping up with regular blog posts but like most other areas of my life it was easier to procrastinate and “schedule writing for another day” then it was to sit down in a quiet space and type. You know the feeling- the “I should really work out, but there are no immediate consequences to just staying right here, so I’ll do that”. Whenever I would have the creeping feelings of dread or regret around what I felt/feel is a started and failed project I would comfort those anxious feelings with a “you have a lot on your plate, you’re busy, it’s not a priority”.

The purpose of starting this blog was to share my bariatric surgery journey – including how my life has changed, any wisdoms I can share, and lifestyle bits along the way. So, I will stop making excuses for my long absence and I’ll provide a short month by month breakdown of where I am today and how I’ve gotten here since our last chat.

June 2021

June is my birth month. This year for my birthday we rented an Air BnB, which was tedious to do with COVID restrictions but thankfully we were able to safely make the trip. My partner surprised me with a promise ring and I knew that I will be spending the rest of my life with this man. Our youngest dog turned 1 at the end of the month and we had a little doggie birthday party with her friends!

July 2021

The beginning of the month brought news I had been waiting a really long time to receive- I was offered a job in my home province which would allow for me and my little family to move home! I have to give recognition to my incredibly supportive partner. He agreed to move to a province he has never even visited and has loved every day of it since. The end of the month brought my parents to the city to help me, my brother and his partner move home! The first of two 2000 km road trips with my family was a blast!

August 2021

August was the start of my new job which I love! I lived with my parents while my partner stayed 1 month longer in our apartment in the city. We bought a house! Which was very exciting with lots of land for our two dogs and a third rescue that we would fully adopt 1 day before the second 2000 km road trip. At the end of the month I flew back to the city (first time on a plane since 2020 and first time NOT needing a seat belt extender) to arrange the movers and drive back with my partner, our 9 year old dog and our new rescue pup.

September 2021

Moving into our first family home and getting settled was a whirlwind. Working with a rescue dog who is 3ish years old and has a traumatic background has been a challenge but we are so happy he is in our life.

October/November/December 2021

The last three months have been cozy and comfy. Working full time with lunch breaks to come home and see my dogs, spending snowy evenings with my partner watching new tv shows, connecting with old friends and making new friends. The biggest development in this time period has been deciding on a WEDDING date for 2022!

From a weight loss and bariatric surgery standpoint I’ve had a lot of non-scale victories since July 2021. I’ve worn a size 16 for the first time 18 years. I surfed-with a wet suit! I didn’t need the seat belt extender on the plane and I could cross my legs while seated. We are slowly putting together a home gym so I look forward to moving my body more in 2022. I have however remained stable with weight loss, not gaining, but not losing. As long as I don’t compare my journey to others (which can be hard at times) I am not upset about my plateau, because I know I still have this tool of bariatric surgery to help me get on track to a healthier me.

2021 highlights: New body/lease on life -> New car -> New job -> Third dog to love everyday ->New hometown -> New house -> Being close to family and friends again

Looking forward to 2022: Marrying my best friend in the most beautiful place on earth, trying to start a family and continuing to work on my self, showing up to the best of my ability every day!

I hope this is the first of many blog posts for 2022, but if it isn’t I wanted some closure on the wild ride that was the year of 2021!

Thank you as always for your support!!

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